EcsPlus U-Frame is designed to ensure high measurement stability at the scanning speeds necessary to achieve the standards required for transversal adjustments of weight, humidity and thickness.
Its solid structure consists of a double IPE beam with parallel wings on which the guides that allow the sliding of the U-shaped sensor holder carriage are mounted and aligned.
The upper and lower housings of the sensors are mounted and perfectly aligned at the ends of the U-shaped structure, which offers the advantage of maintaining the alignment of the sensors unchanged during movement on the process to be measured and over time.

The main features of the mod.U exploration scanner are:

Quick decoupling of the upper and lower heads group by means of a rotation system with respect to the vertical plane of the lower measuring heads
  • High reliability even in harsh industrial environments
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Sensor holder carriage equipped with sheet edge sensors for detecting current scanning limits without the intervention of machine operators and for achieving higher performance in transverse process control.
  • Designed for long life and ready to accommodate future upgrades without changes to the basic structure
  • Position of the sensors provided by a high resolution optical encoder, mounted directly on the motor shaft to ensure an accuracy lower than 0.25mm (0.01 inches).
  • Maximum Paper Size of the process to be measured: 3000mm