A QCS (Quality Control System) is a device capable of measuring continously some products characteristics just in the same time it come out from production line; this without any interference with production itself. In the actual market, all companies really need to measure and certify the quality of products, specially in pulp and paper market; this is real also for the smallest of them, that usually struggle to get a big loan such the larger companies usually do. This is the analysis that drove us to design our QCS focusing on reliability in an affordable product also for the small companies but without quality compromises.

The higly customizable features of our product makes it perfect for base implementation but also for large situations with complex requirement, such as production lines with interfaces with DCS, both ours or from other manufacturers.

An efficient quality control system achieve a production process optimization.
Our QCS are fully customizable according to the production plants, the types of checks to be carried out on the processing.
The small dimension of the system to be assembled allows easy assembly inside the production areas and allows transport to final destination with means of moderate capacity, it allows an easy assembling in the production areas.
Quality control systems for monitoring at any production speed.

ECS Plus is a fully integrated system, designed to meet the growing needs of the papermaking process, increasingly oriented towards achieving better quality and greater energy efficiency.
The diffusion of new technologies and the long experience gained in the field of application of QCS and DCS has allowed us to create a measurement and control system that uses the most recent achievements in the field of components, development systems and application techniques.

The high quality of the materials used in the construction of the exploration bridges and the solid hardware architecture used, guarantee high reliability and simple and quick preventive maintenance.
Automatic adjustments in the machine direction and transversal can be implemented together with those of the headbox, dryer, dough preparation, refining, etc.

All historical data can be stored and consulted allowing the creation of analytical reports.
The easy-to-use and intuitive software interface allows for convenient management of the production factors involved.