In the production system of the paper industry, the weight valve is a component that has a fundamental function aimed at maintaining the quality of the finished product.
This component, combined with a quality control, is part of a process “FLOW CONTROL” regulation chain which is fundamental for the quality of the product.
Our company, with thirty years of experience on process controls, has developed a spherical actuator with advanced features that allows flow control with both mechanical and software solutions compared to current market solutions.


The extreme linearity of the valve combined with an extraordinary resolution of the electric actuator results in perfect control of the dough. The spherical segment body is built in AISI316 steel capable of guaranteeing great strength and maintaining efficiency over time without the continuous stresses of the production cycle affecting the functionality of the valve. For this there is no need for periodic maintenance.

 The Enfasi basis weight valve can guarantee up to 12.000 discrete repeatable positions between 0 and 100% of their position. Our weight valves are the only ones on the market capable of repositioning themselves perfectly on the machine body without any margin for error.