Our basis weight sensor is based on beta particle transmission from a radioactive source crossing the material to measure; the result is a steady and precise measurement in grams for area unit.
The sensor is compact and modular, with a high resolution, quick response and permanent calibration.
The radioactive source is specular to a ionization chamber and using a special coupling geometry between emitter and detector we achieve huge signal-noise ratio.
State-of-the-art in electronical components and advanced temperature control system remove short term temperature variations.
High steadiness of measurement implies a simpler use of a permanent sensor calibration.
The measurement algorithm is based on a calibration curve on the whole measurement range for the process.
Verification of static and dynamic measurement precision is made in a easy way using specifing developed software.


Measurement area (diam.)10mm (0.39”)
Repeatibility+/- 0.15 % (2 sigma)
Static precision (uniform and steady weight sample+/- 0.15 % (2 sigma)
Dynamic precision (reference TAPPI)+/- 0.25 % (2 sigma)
Emitter-receiver distance (air gap)7.5 – 12.7 mm (0.31” – 0.5”)
Maximum operative temperature85 °C
Measurement rangefrom 0 to 1000 gr/m2
Source typeKr 85 250mCi (9,25GBq)