Microwave moisture, dual-sided, non contacting sensor utilizes a resonator with two resonant frequencies.
One resonant frequency is related to the measured process and the other is used as a reference.
The measuring principle is based on the measurement of the dielectric constant which has two constituent parts: that of the base material and the other related to the water content.
The effect of the variation of the dielectric constant due to a change of the water content in the sheet to be measured can be detected by measuring a shift of the resonant frequency of the resonator.
A characteristic feature of the sensor is the insensitivity of the result to ink residues from recycled products.


Measuring surface100 mm diameter
Static accuracy+/- 0.10%
Dynamic accuracy (with TAPPI method)+/- 0.15%
Repeatability (with TAPPI method)+/- 0.10%
Distance source – receiver (air gap)13 mm ( 0.5”)
Measuring range H2Ofrom 2 to 70%
Max environment temperature85 °C