The moisture sensor utilizes optical technology to determine the moisture content of paper by the absorption of resonant infrared light frequencies specific to the water molecule.
The frequency and a narrow band pass of the infrared filters are selected to eliminate the effect of the fillers.
Small spot size provides excellent streak resolution
High stability permits permanent factory pre-calibration with minimum need for on-machine dynamic verification.
Measurement is not influenced by sheet temperature due to single lead sulfide detector that senses both the reference and absorption wavelength.
Minimum amount of hardware and extensive software functions provide superior reliability and performance.


Measurement area20 mm*mm
Static precision+/- 0.25%
Dynamic precision (reference TAPPI)+/- 0.25%
Repeatibility+/- 0.15%
Air gap12.7 – 50.8 mm (0.50” – 2.0”)
Measurement rangeda 0 a 65%
Maximum operating temperature85 °C with air cooling