Our infrared moisture sensor produce exact and repeatable measurement based on phisycal principle of comparison between different wavelenght radiations crossing the paper sheet.

The measurement element is a lead sulfide cell, operated at a constant temperature  (+/- 0.1°C) using an high precision current regulation in a Peltier cell integrated in the device.
The different wavelenghts are selected by means of several optical filters in infrared range with very narrow band, to exclude effects on the measurement from the additives used in the paper production.
Laminar air flow are used to clean dust and particles that could build up on the reading windows.


Measurement area20 mm*mm
Static precision+/- 0.10%
Dynamic precision (reference TAPPI)+/- 0.15%
Repeatibility (reference TAPPI)+/- 0.10%
Emitter-receiver distance (air gap)7.5 – 12.7 mm (0.31” – 0.5”)
Measurement rangefrom 0 to 15%
Maximum operating temperature85 °C with air cooling