In Pulp and Paper area, basis weight valve is a fundamental device for production quality. This, in sinergy with a quality control system, form the regulation loop “STOCK CONTROL”  that is the base to obtain an high quality production.

Our company, with a thirty years experience on process control, has developed a spherical actuator with advanced characteristics allowing, by means of both mechanical and software optimization, a Stock Control Regulation with performance in the top of current market offer.

The extreme linearization of the valve combined with an astonishing electric actuator resolution bring to a perfect stock control.

The spherical element is built in  AISI316 steel for huge strongness and time constant efficiency also with the daily stress of production. There is hencefore no need for periodical maintenance of this component.

Enfasi basis weight valves guarantee up to 12,000 repeatable discrete position between 0% and 100%. They are the only ones on the actual market capable of no error on repositiong in the valve body.

Number of repeatable positions12000
Available sizesfrom DN25 to DN300
Pressure ClassificationPN10 – 40
Operation Temperature (Celsius)-40 … +220