Caliper sensor utilizes two contacting sensing planes to provide an accurate thickness measurement.

The active sensing plane is located on one side of the sheet and contains an inductive transducer. The passive sensing plane is located on the opposite side of the sheet and contains a ferrite reference plate.
Magnetic coupling varies with the distance between the active and passive sensing planes that is recorded as a change in process thickness.
Small measurement area and high signal-to-noise ratio permit a very precise edge to edge measurements and detection of streaks.
Thickness measurement is unaffected by speed, smoothness, porosity, flutter or electrostatic charge.


Accuracy+/- 0.5 micron (2sigma) or 0.5% of process
Dynamic accuracy (with TAPPI method)+/- 1micron or 1% of process
Measuring range25 – 2000 micron
Max environment temperature85 °C