The DCS (Distributed Control System) is a set of devices allowing the management and run of a complex machine, typically working non stop, such as paper mills, foundries, steel plants and so on.

The number and the types of these devices is variable and distributed with several criteria along the production line.

One unique feature is that one can manage all the plant from every one of the single control point (tipically operator station on computers or touch panels.

Our DCS systems are based on software architecture from major worldwide Company (Rockwell, ABB, Siemens, Omron, etc.) that we customize according to  Customer productive process needings.

With our  experience and our engineering we are able to create complex systems to manage all the functions of several production machines in a centralized control system.

The inherent structure of this kind of products allows to implement it in several phases, distributing in a time span the budget.
It is also possible to interface devices from different manufacturers, new or existing, using comunications protocols adherent to worldwide industrial standard, as an example: RS232, RS422/485, Profibus, Canbus, Modbus.
Moreover, also high level or multiple DCS interfacing is possible using advanced standard like  Open Platform Communications (OPC), both first or second generation one, obtaining in this way a really adaptable system for any input or output data stream.

Man-Machine interface is customizable according to Customer preferences, for both operations and graphic presentation. Tags are substantially unlimited. The number of client station in a plant could easily be several dozens.

In our system we include also maintenance and remote assistance via web, to guarantee to the Customer a first action in quick time regardless from the physical location.


A unique interface for a unique way of working.

Our systems are natively built so that one can easily interface them with other higl level Company functions, such as report, remote alarm warning, interface with production data and with management system and databases, new or existing.

It is also possible to manage from remote the whole system or part of it with any device web capable.

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